Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cookie Jar

A whole new meaning to "caught with your hand in the cookie jar... "

Yesterday was such a lovely day, I decided to treat myself to a nice Frapp.... one of Rykers favorite treats as well.

While I was in the office.... facebooking or blogging or doing some other wonderful "Mom-of-the-Year-ignore-your-child" thing... Ryker climbed up in his seat and got a hold of my tasty treat. And when the straw would no longer produce the yummy caramel confection... he decided to take matters into his own hands... er thumb... and got stuck.

I think I laughed at him for at least five minutes and snapped several shots before I actually helped him... yet another point earned towards that whole "Mom-of-the-Year" thing!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

They Don't Have Steak?

Last night after work I came home very restless. I did not feel like sitting still and my freshly cleaned, still sopping wet carpets were not very condusive to staying in.

I felt it in my bones that I needed something at Kirklands... one of my favorite home decor stores. Probably because my home is still a completely blank canvas with absolutely no decor. I had no clue what it was I was after, but I knew if I went there, I was bound to find something to put up on my stark naked walls.

And if Kirklands didn't suffice, there was always a variety of shopping in Central Park that would fill my void and itch to go SOMEWHERE and get SOMETHING!

My husband is use to my non-stop personality. I rarely sit still long enough to let the dust bunnies settle. I was hoping that I could convince him to join me on my little adventure... but was not confident because shopping is not on his TOP TEN list.

Me - "Wanna run out with me?"

Hubs - "Where are you going?"

Me - "Kirklands and Ross."

Hubs - "Yeah sure, I need to get socks before we go.." (back to the wet, but finally clean, carpets... he ventured out on them too soon)

Me - "Ok, what do you want to get for dinner?

Hubs - "I thought we were going to Kirklands and Ross, what do they serve?"

Me - chuckling "Heaping helpings of candlesticks and wall sconces..."

Hubs - "Oh, I thought that was a restaurant. Damn. Sounded like a steakhouse."

Me - still laughing "I'll get you steak if you come shop with me."

The poor guy ended up coming out with me anyways... on a fruitless trip that did not yield a single wall sconce or decorative hanging.

To make up for things, we went to Hooters and he got his fill of wings and boobs.

Husbands say the darnedest things!

Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm a Rockstar!!

Look -

It's official...


I made the paper.


I promise I will not let my 15 seconds of fame go to my head...

However, Courtney Fan Club shirts go on sale immediately!

And really... its about the store. Visit Green Nest!