Friday, January 16, 2009

Pics of the Week

Yes, that is my not-quite-two baby boy playing a pink Nintendo DS. We like to teach them young here in the Simpson household. But when you pan out on the picture, it is much sweeter.

The kids sharing some quality time together. I should just be thankful that they will share their pink DS's with him, right? At least it didn't end up in the toilet.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Technical Difficulties

My apologies for my blog appearance - I am experiencing some technical difficulties and my favorite blog background website has vanished?!? Whats a girl to do? Call in the hubs for back up !!

Hello, my name is Courtney...

And I have S.A.D.

Now some people might recognize this acronym as Seasonal Affective Disorder, a condition where you experience depression in the winter months.

That's not me. The winter months are my favorite, but they do also trigger my disorder.

Shopping Addictive Dysmorphia.

Man, I love to shop. And the winter months give me an excuse to shop. For Christmas, for all our winter birthdays. Its like a shopping party all season long. And I don't get sad, I am on a high.

Many of you read the story of my crazy Black Friday shopping day. And although I accomplished most of my shopping in one swoop... I didn't stop. I shopped constantly, all the way up until Christmas Eve. The presents under the tree were ridiculous and everyone in my household definitely got their share of the loot.

And my bank account suffered. Now here is where the dysmorphia comes in. When you suffer from my version of S.A.D, you have an inaccurate view of your bank account. You think that if you have checks and credit cards in your wallet, then you have money. Sometimes this is not always true.

I am in the healing stages. I have held up in my house for three days trying to avert any shopping temptations. That was until my mom came to town last night, and I couldn't stand being stuck in the house anymore.

We took a harmless trip to Target. (I am still in the denial stages) We got lost in the black hole and were late to meet the hubs for dinner. And since our trip got interrupted, we went back to Target after we ate. The cute kiddies in red and khaki looked at my mom and I like we were crazy when we came back through the checkout for a second time.

What I walked away with? Well, the Tylenol that I needed for the baby's teeth. And a cartful of Christmas stuff that was 90% off.... I mean seriously, how can you not buy it?? They might as well pay you to take it away! So I don't know the purpose of most of the stuff I got, but it will be exciting to opening up the Christmas bins next year and find my loot. Maybe it will curtail my shopping a little next year?!?!

Yeah, probably not.