Friday, October 3, 2008

WFLS BABY CONTEST - Vote Now, Vote Often!

This plea goes out to every one -

So I entered my little man Ryker into WFLS baby contest - number one because I think he is just about the cutest thing that walks the earth, and two because there is a helluva price package!

So please please please please.... go to this link, fill in a quick little registration with your email address and vote for Ryker - he is #6 on the website - the little boy in orange with a devilish little grin and some seriously styling spikes! (see above)

You can vote more than once - but only once in a 24 hour period - so if you love me and/or Ryker or just have too much free time at work - vote vote vote EVERYDAY!!

If he makes top 20, I will be harrassing you all again - and if he doesn't, well then I will be busy pouting.

So go to this link ya'all - mama needs a new dining room set!!

PASS IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Susan's Blogs said...

writHe's got my vote! Love that Ryker Biker!!! S.xxoo